Time to DeGoogle

Posted by zbrom on July 10, 2021 · 1 min read

Big tech companies have a stronghold over our digital information online. Google is one of the largest offenders when it comes to privacy. Companies like Google make a great deal of money off of our data, through massive collection of every interaction you have while using their services. Data is being logged, sold to third parties, and handed over to government agencies. The process of deGoogling your life can be an arduous task. ghorr will help in aleviating some of the difficulty in order to help you regain control of your digital information, bringing you closer to restoring your digital freedom. Check out the DeGoogle section for more information on how to eliminate Google from your life. Expect more updates to the DeGoogle section to come.

One of the first steps to begin the process of deGoogling is to change your search engine, web browser, and e-mail provider.

Check back for more content to follow on how to deGoogle:

  • Browsers
  • Cloud Storage
  • E-mail Providers
  • Search Engines
  • Also, be sure to check out the /r/degoogle subreddit.