Posted by zbrom on June 25, 2021 · 2 mins read

Hello, my name is Ferb. I’m not the so called “English Major” type so bear with me. I run Arch Linux on all of my machines and all of my drives are encrypted.

I have always been interested in everything technical. In my 4th grade science class my teacher taught me how to create a simple circuit that lit a flash light bulb. By the time I was 12 I rewired the electricity in an entire house by myself. My interest in electrical things continued into high school. My senior year I had this old Samsung radio from the 1980s that I would take fishing with me because it could last a really long time on batteries. In my mind the only thing it lacked was the ability to play music from an iPod. So I took the thing apart and played with it until I got an axillary port wired into it.

Before college I never really had any interest in computers. I liked electricity and I was really good at math so I picked electrical engineering as my major when I started college. This didn’t last for long because as soon as I got there I made some friends that had the idea of running an Ubuntu server on some old broken notebook without a screen. I became really interested in this new thing to me called Linux. I picked up computers as a hobby and got so into it that I quit going to classes and eventually dropped out of college.

I really got into the security/hacker side of things. I take computer security to the point that many would call me paranoid. I call it being safe because you never know when the FBI or the NSA could be busting down your doors.