F-Droid Privileged Extension

Posted by zbrom on July 12, 2021 · 2 mins read

This guide will explain how to install F-Droid as a privileged app on a deGoogled phone. This will allow you to still receive automatic updates for your apps after deGoogling. Similar functionality is built into the LineageOS for microG ROM, but this tutorial will allow you to setup something similar for those not interested in running microG. In order to install the F-Droid Privileged Extension on a non-rooted phone, you will need to enter a Root ADB shell on your device. This can easily by completed using TWRP Recovery.

Download Extension

You first need to download F-Droid Privileged Extension OTA from the F-Droid website. Supposedly, you should be able to directly flash this within TWRP Recovery, however, this did not work for me on the latest LineageOS 18.1. So manual intervention was required.

Extract the zip file:

unzip org.fdroid.fdroid.privileged* -d ./f-droid

Change directory into the folder:

cd f-droid

Boot TWRP and Mount System Partition

Attain a Root ADB shell on your device (e.g., boot into TWRP recovery):

Select mount

Check System

Hit the back button

ADB Root Shell

Connect your phone to your computer and run the following commands in adb.

List connected adb devices:

adb devices

Ensure you have root:

adb root

Remount your partitions:

adb remount

Install F-Droid and F-Droid Privileged Extension.

adb push F-DroidPrivilegedExtension.apk /system/priv-app/

adb push permissions_org.fdroid.fdroid.privileged.xml /system/etc/permissions/

adb push F-Droid.apk /system/app/

adb push 80-fdroid.sh /system/addon.d/

Reboot your phone and launch F-Droid. Enable “Automatically install updates” under settings.

Your phone should now receive automatic updates from F-Droid for all of your installed apps.